Naive art, Naf landscape and Fantanaif  paintings
modern impressionism, wildlife, floral wine grapes and cityscapes paintings.
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                             Italian naf landscape paintings, naiveties, naive art
Naive art painters work independently of other artists and stylistic development. Generally self taught, their painting is un conscious and intuitive, revealing a genuine feeling for colours. Nave artists create direct images without the benefit or hindrance of the academic tradition and often without perspective. Naive artists cover the whole range of subject matter: portrait, still life, landscape, etc. Typical of the naive artist's work is the emphasis on the subject rather than the style. Naive art is the Produced of individual vision rather than cultural tradition, and is usually decorative and non-functional. Stylistically, the artists use bright colours, flat planes and abundant detail. We owe a debt of thanks to the Modern artists like Picasso and Gauguin who introduced in the world the power of naive art.

                                            Claudia Vecchiarelli
                               naive art paintings, Tuscany naive art, Italian naive art.

Claudia Vecchiarelli was born on November 7th, 1978 in schwabmnchen Germany. She started to paint in 1998 and later she made a significant contribution to the new current of naive art paintings "Fantaive paintings". His works were exhibited in many individual and collective exhibitions, his naive Tuscany landscape painting belong to many Italian and foreign galleries private collectors and was exposing in many Italian theatre "Milan scale end Archibald's theater". Claudia is a genuine naive art painter and a remarkable talent turned toward dream. his original naive work: Tuscan landscapes, wine farm hills, grapes vineyard paintings, flowers field wit poppies, sunflowers and daisies, olives and cypresses trees. Claudia in his landscape paintings give serenity and quiet inner joy.  

                               Antonio Vecchiarelli
                     Tuscany landscape and flower paintings modern art

Antonio Vecchiarelli living in the heart of the beautiful Tuscan countryside just 4 km from the charming medieval village Sinalunga, between the cities of Montepulciano, Pienza, cortona and Siena. exhibiting  his fine art work in many Italians gallery and theatre. Oil and Acrylic, Tuscany landscape and beautiful floral scenes, floral compositions painting, Sculpture, Glass assemblage, abstract paintings, Sculptors, graphic artists, artisans, poets, mixed media, illustrators, in Crupis gallery youll find a spectrum of original, contemporary modern works by some of art. Antonio Vecchiarelli capture the essential qualities of the Tuscan landscape, the special light tones and textures, also the natural colors of Italian landscape and you can see original paintings in museum quality . Thank you for visiting.

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