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Leather Carving
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Naive art
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Leather carving embellishment of leather goods via cutting, stamping, and tooling

Claudia Vecchiarelli was born in Schwabmunchen (Germany) on November 7, 1978. From childhood she cultivated a love for the arts. Her style is naive paintings of medieval hill towns, cypress trees, vineyards and Tuscan hills. But her greatest passion remains with the sculpting of leather (chiseling) which she learned at the age of ten from her father, Antonio. This technique is rooted in ancient Egypt. Only with the Arabic people it acquired great value in becoming an object of art. With their inhabitance of Spain, the Arabs not only introduced their culture, but also imported their traditions. In turn, the Spaniards passed on the art of leather work to America. There, the Mexicans and later the cowboysperfected the technique in making artistic objects of common use: belts, revolver holsters, harnesses, bags, saddles, etc. Sadly, the art of leather carving is disappearing because it is not well known, and not widely publicized. This site would like to serve as a means to acquaint those unfamiliar with this ancient technique, and provide an opportunity to experience the beauty of this fading art. May inspiration be the motivation for it to flourish once again.

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