Antonio Vecchiarelli

Italian art, Tuscany landscape paintings, farmhouse, olive and cypress painting.

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Antonio Vecchiarelli—born in Pontelandolfo (Bn) on August 13, 1952. From childhood, Antonio nourished a passion for the arts.  At age 16, in his hometown of San Bartolomeo in Galdo (Bn), he met some young students who attended the school of art in the nearby city of Napoli.

leather carvings


Taking advantage of this opportunity to research and study with them benefited him greatly in his future art endeavors.  He left Italy to travel Europe for a time, making a stop in Germany.  There he met a group of German artists who produced fantastic chisel work on leather hides (called Lederschnitt).  So, along with graphic works, he learned the art of cutwork, of chiseling, and of sculpting on leather, "landscapes leather carving".

naive art, impressionism For 18 years he has lived in Sinalunga, in the province of Siena, where he made his start painting with acrylic colorsa technique necessary to give the right light to his painted landscapes. He does not regard himself as a professional, but as a perpetual pupil of the nature that surrounds him.  He does not tie himself to any stream, but remains faithful to his own ideals, painting and sculpting purely for the joy of doing it.

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