"Fine art exhibition - events and newspaper articles"

Online art gallery, Italian artwork, acrylic paintings, woodcut, naïf landscape and floral painting.



Exhibition In Kurparkschlösschen
Scheuermannstr. 3 – 82211 Herrsching by Munich in Germany
um Friday -  09.03.2007 to 18°° and from: 10.März.2007  bis 18.März.2007 - 10.00°°  -  19.00°°.  

1) Turin: (1998) cultural club academy of sciences street

2) Alexandria: to the communal theatre                                         

3) S. Margherita: from Liguria (2000)                                                      

4) Portofino: To The Kulm (2001) "Newspaper articles" Appeared on the newspaper Secolo XIX "                                                     

5) Milan: theatre alla Scala (2001) " Newspaper article"Appered on the magazine Artecultura"                                            

6) Pontelandolfo: Town hall (2001) "Claudia's newspaper article" "Antonio's newspaper article" "Other article" "Other article" "Appeared on the newspaper Mattino and Sannio"                            

7) Telese: To the terme (2001)                                                               

8) Alexandria:  Spinetta conferences center(2001) " Newspaper article"  Appeared on the newspaper Il Piccolo                  

9) Cherasco: (2002)

10) Milan: Theatre of the Arcimboldi (2002) " Newspaper Article" "Other article" "Other article" "Il Giornale di Caserta"  "Il Sannio"  "Soprattutto"

11) S. Stefano Belbo: Town hall (2003) " Newspaper article"  "Other article" " Appeared on the magazine Le colline di Pavese e  Gazzetta D'Alba"

12) Piacenza: Gallery la spadarina (2003) " Newspaper article " "Other article" Appeared on the newspaper Cronaca di Piacenza and on the newspaper Libertà di Piacenza "

13) Grazzano Visconti: al biscione (2003)  "Cammino" photos thumbnail of this beautiful medieval country "photos set 1"  "Photos set 2"

14) Castellarquato: Rita gallery  (2003) " Newspaper article" Appeared on the newspaper Cronaca di Piacenza

15) Compiano (Parma) to the castle) (2003) " Newspaper article" "Other article" Appeared on the newspaper "Gazzetta di Parma" and  "Il Sannio"



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